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Seminars for Preschool Education Specialists

Seminars for Georgian preschool education experts were held on June 26-27 by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in the “Open Society Georgia Foundation” office. The seminars were conducted by the international preschool education expert Kathleen Hayes. She introduced different preschool education programs to the Georgian colleagues. She consulted the experts about transition of children from kindergarten to school and their adaptation to the new environment.

Kathleen Hayes presented the resources for early age children which were created for kindergarten teachers and parents to support children’s multilateral development and formation of appropriate skills. She spoke about how these resources and other preschool education programs were developed and how they are used in different countries. The group discussed the specificity of the usage of these resources in Georgia.

The recommendations made by Kathleen Hayes and Steffen Saifer with the working group members were reflected in a concept document which will be very useful for creating and developing school readiness program.   

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